Having problems finding a lipstick color for your cosplay? Look no further. I just found someone’s video tutorial on how to make lipsticks out of crayons. In the video she says that she found out that all of her favourite lipsticks had lead and that she found out that she could make lipstick out of lead free crayons. The entire time I was watching this video, I thought that it would work amazingly for someone looking for some cerulean blue lipstick for Vriska or Jade green lipstick for Kanaya or maybe some other cosplay character who has a weird lipstick color. In the video she also says that you could mix crayon colors to make weird colors. 

I don’t even wear lipstick ever, but learning you can make it out of crayons now got me all excited to try it. o-o

I thought this was interesting for all you fangirls/cosplayers on a budget. Seems like a really cool idea.

Wow, this is crazy awesome, especially considering makeup brands that carry “weird” lipstick colours are usually the expensive artsy ones that charge like $17-$25 for a tube

holy shit

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