chain fishnet + hematite anchor necklace ($29)

now clearance at $14 due to the light colored chain not being the best quality, though you likely won’t have problems with it. (details in the item description)


take another 25% off the clearance price until the end of the year (and perhaps a bit longer..) with the coupon code HAPPYDECEMBER

thank you <3


two of my favorite hand chains left in my etsy shop (many more to come in the new year!)

the beads are such beautifully dyed lime green Chinese turquoise. they’re so detailed and some of my all-time favorites and I hesitated a little to part with them.

the beads in the top hand chain have slight orange & yellow tones and even some blue, and the bottom one has more black/dark detail than other colors. I tried to match them within each hand chain.

anyway, take 25% off your whole order with the code HAPPYDECEMBER

thank you! <3


a couple of my favorites from my etsy shop

25% off your order with the code HAPPYDECEMBER!

I’m out of town until the end of the month but my roommate can mail orders in the meantime. 

thank you! <3


some of the most popular items from my etsy shop, all of which are 25% off with the code HAPPYDECEMBER

help me buy groceries and presents for friends & family! :) 

sale lasts all month, and I’ll continue adding new stuff all month too. 

hey this body chain is totally for sale in my etsy shop - it’s huge and awesome and made from an old necklace that was a gift plus some of my favorite chain and you should buy it 

PS everything is 20% off with the code FRIDAY13 through the Friday the 13th weekend! 

hey I posted something new to my etsy shop for the first time in a month!

gunmetal toned tassel body chain $19

use the coupon code TUMBLR15 for 15% off :)

some of the more recent stuff from my etsy shop

I’ll be out of town for a few days, so shipping may be delayed a bit - more details in my shop announcement 

while I’m gone (and maybe a little longer), use the coupon code SUMMER2013 for 20% off your whole purchase :)

areallady asked: Do you make any custom jewelry?

I’ve never really had the opportunity (aside from someone requesting a silver version of a necklace I had in gold), but I’m down for anything! I don’t have a TON of cash to spend on materials I don’t already have, but I’m absolutely open to the idea! 

Get 13% off your entire order of eclectic handmade jewelry from my etsy shop with the coupon code SPRINGBREAK2013. I won’t be able to ship anything until I get home (will ship Tuesday at the latest), so hopefully the coupon code will make up for the inconvenience. :)

Necklaces, hand chains and bracelets, body chains (okay okay, right now there’s only the two pictured), and earrings