im sorry i feel like this is turning into flowerblog 2014

my roses are dying but theyre still pretty :D officially one of those people that keeps dead flowers in vases ahaha

these are perfect not because yellow roses are probably a top 5 favorite flower of mine buuut because they were reject flowers from the flower shop that probably would’ve just been thrown out otherwise


thank youuu lander :)




Using a combination of high speed photography and precise paint splashes, artist Jack Long creates liquid flowers, which are basically paint that has splashed in such a way and captured at the right moment that it looks like a flower.

Even more impressively, a lot of the pieces depict flowers in vases, rather than just the flower itself.



i guess you could say he made a splash in the art community

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I forgot to post this the other day, I dont know how I forgot omg 

a few days ago when I was sitting outside of a doctor’s office with my dad waiting for the door to open, while waiting made conversation with an 80-something year old man named george and his wife ruth. we talked for a bit about the weather and hummingbirds until george looks at me with the oldest expression he could muster and asks “do you recycle? would you like three empty beer cans and a clothes hanger I found in the road to throw out?”

to be nice, I told him that I would did and would recycle it. but when he told his wife to go get it from the car, I saw her giggle and shake her head. I was a little bit confused when I saw her digging around and I saw something red in her hand. he apparently hid it behind his back while I wasn’t looking, and he gave me the biggest smile when he presented it to me. “here you go, this is your three empty beer cans and a coat hanger! do you still want to throw it out?” 

apparently he’s been making them since ‘78 and gives them out to any person that he thinks deserves one. I thought this was the cutest thing ever 8A8 

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