god this stuff tastes like cherry jolly ranchers in the best way possible, it’s the best consistency for chapstick imo, i’m just obsessed with her whole shop and i wish i could get all of it (and you should too)

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Honey Bee and Honey Drop Necklace

Crafted with a vintage, faceted, pear-shaped amber glass jewel and an antique brass bee charm. This necklace is hung on a bronze cable chain. Don’t worry, the bee won’t sting you. Sold on Etsy.

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Pokemon Amigurumi - Created by Johnny Navarro

Available for sale at the artisan’s Etsy Shop. You can also follow on Tumblr and Facebook.

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Ebony with Amethyst by Alternative Earth Organics

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BONELUST WORKSHOP UPDATE ♥ New glass domed ring styles are next up in my ongoing Token From The Heart original series, featuring real ethically sourced & professionally dry preserved animal hearts! These are from fetal pigs, will also have rat & other small animal hearts in this series. These are not listed yet & still in production. In the meantime please be patient & wait for updates here. Sorry, but I will not be reserving these for anyone, wouldn’t be fair to others. So please stay tuned at Bonelust.Etsy.Com for more, thanks so much guys! ♥💀♥ (at http://bonelust.etsy.com)


THE NEXT FORGOTTEN-BONELUST COLLABORATION: Tim from @forgotten_boneyard just made this gorgeous little bone spider (No, this is not a spider skeleton. Spiders don’t have bones they have an exoskeleton). I plan on making a framed scene with it available to the public soon, so stay tuned for that. You can expect to see many more BoneLust & Forgotten Boneyard collaborative projects in the future as well! Stay tuned at Bonelust.Etsy.Com & Forgottenboneyard.Etsy.com for updates on this project! 💀♥💀 (at http://bonelust.etsy.com)



Absolutely amazing polymer clay journals by © Anna Kolesnikova (Mandarin Duck). Take a look at her portfolio, it’s really something.

You can look around in her Etsy shop here.

Also she has a very cool YouTube channel filled with tutorials and all kinds of crafty videos.

Become a fan of her on Facebook here.

Adam, I am reblogging this from your tumblr so you have a 100% chance of seeing it. If you love me you will bestow one of this (preferably the first one) upon me.

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NEW & AVAILABLE NOW $65! Silver & Golden Brass Gilded Real Squirrel Paw Pendant Necklaces. They are limited to 3 of each & I may not make more so treat yourself at Bonelust.Etsy.Com soon! ♥💀♥ If you don’t see them refresh your browser. If you still don’t see them sorry, they are sold out. ♥💀♥ (at http://bonelust.etsy.com)


etsy find of the day | BONUS FIND 3 | 1.1.14

mismatched peacock ore/pyrite specimen earrings by myrandae

i freaking LOVE this mismatched earrings set — it reminds me of my girlfriend uxue, who lives in the basque region of spain. she’s worn mismatched earrings for years, and she was a total trendsetter!! this pair features one peacock ore specimen and one pyrite or fool’s gold specimen. and guess what — it’s just $10.98!! get yours now!

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New in my shop!  Fossil collection (plus some sparklies) all snuggled together in a vintage cigar box.

I thought these were biscuits as I scrolled by. >_>

I now want to call all fossils ‘history biscuits’.

"We see here a fine collection of history biscuits. There are several flavours…"

I am soooo into this lexical development AND I would now like to have some biscuits.  (also a muffin… one of them kind of looks like a muffin.)