tbh, hearing a privileged person say “we’re not all like that!” is a tip-off that i cannot trust them

if you hear about the suffering of marginalized people and your first instinct is to talk about your hurt feelings, then i know you do not care about anyone besides yourself

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oppression privilege



Pro Tip: Don’t torrent Alice In Chains because they’ll fucking know you did.

Update: they’re still coming .  
One notice per song multiplied by Alice In Chains’ entire discography equals ComCast switching to automated colorless letters because we’re costing them more in labor and supplies than we’re worth.

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what the hell alice in chains you suck

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(sorry for a late reply btw) don't feel miserable or hopeless there is always someone out there willing to listen or toss some advice out even if it is some anon over the internet

heysomeday Answer:

no reason to apologize, im not exactly answering super quickly either hehe. thank you though, i do appreciate it :)

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