Colossal, the Department of Incredible Insects recently encountered more photos of the fascinating work of French artist Hubert Duprat and his industrious Caddisflies (previously featured here).

"Right now, in almost every river in the world, some 12,000 different species of caddisfly larvae wriggle and crawl through sediment, twigs, and rocks in an attempt to build temporary aquatic cocoons. To do this, the small, slow-moving creatures excrete silk from salivary glands near their mouths which they use like mortar to stick together almost every available material into a cozy tube. A few weeks later a fully developed caddisfly emerges and almost immediately flies away."

Since the 1980s Duprat has been collecting caddisfly larvae from their normal environments and transporting them to aquariums in his studio. There he gently removes their own natural cocoons and puts the larvae in tanks filled with materials such as pearls, beads, opals, turquoise and pieces of 18-karat gold. The insects still do exactly what comes naturally to them, but in doing so they create exquisite gilded sculptures that they temporarily call home. If you saw them out of context, you’d never guess they’d been created insects.

Visit Colossal for additional images and video of Hubert Duprat discussing these amazing insects and their shiny, shiny creations.

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When people say they don’t want their kids ‘influenced’ by seeing homosexuality portrayed on tv, in books, in public, etc, what they’re really saying is ‘if my kid isn’t straight, I want them to be too uneducated to understand so they’ll be forced to stay in the closet and it doesn’t become my responsibility to face things that make me uncomfortable’

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mjwatson asked:

A society that has free, easy access to consenting women's nude bodies but STILL insists on sexually harassing/degrading non-consenting women by treating their bodies as public property and sex lives as public business is a society that needs to take a hard look at itself.

heysomeday Answer:


Do you know what this behaviour says? It says that consent is merely a genre, a niche, and if happy, consenting women isn’t your thing, well, don’t worry, because here in 2014 we’ve got all the goods and those slutty whores were asking for it anyway by daring to have a personal boudoir photograph or two, because even behind closed doors a woman must be shamed for participating in and enjoying her sexuality and by golly we can exploit that for male gratification.

I hope you don’t mind my posting this, Broegan, because it is absolutely amazing.

Anonymous asked:

hello is everything alright? you seem frustrated lately

heysomeday Answer:

aww nice anon! assuming this is the same nice anon…idk how to answer this question!! 

i had a jewelry show friday night that i was super stressed about preparing for, and then it was a total bust, so im still stressed about money and other stuff also


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"At the ugliest times, the politics of respectability—the idea that individuals can defeat systems of oppression by modifying their behavior and/or presentation to be more “acceptable” or “deserving”—reared its head and diverted our attention from real people’s pain and suffering. Children were being shot dead in the streets, and we were debating whether their pants sagged too low. Their schools were being closed, and we talked about whether they had good father figures in their home. They were stopped, frisked and beaten by police, and we somehow managed to chastise them for littering.

This is the current state of discussion about racism: one that places the onus on those who are oppressed to comport themselves according to the rules that oppress them rather than eliminating the system. The problem is that there is no escape. You can do everything “right,” obey all of the rules, be exemplary in every way, and racism still does its work. Respectability politics are not rooted in fact or reality, only in a false notion of individualism that upholds structural oppression."
- Mychal Denzel Smith (via ethiopienne)

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"You are a woman. Skin and bones, veins and nerves, hair and sweat. You are not made of metaphors. Not apologies, not excuses."
- Sarah Kay, excerpt from “The Type” (via larmoyante)

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Anonymous asked:

Serious question, do you ever get tired of being politically correct?

heysomeday Answer:


Is this a serious question though? Honestly? Do you even fucking know what politically correct means? Let me explain to you, who the fuck I am. 

I’m a woman. I’m mixed raced, hispanic and black. I am a sex worker. I’m politically correct out of fucking survival and the respect of other peoples survival and struggles.

People who bitch about being politically correct are basically shit eating troglodytes who say shit that basically sounds like - 

'Yeah I know these people are oppressed and have hard lives, but- I really really wanna say nigger.’ 

'I know a woman has a high chance of being raped and that it happens frequently and without any justice served afterward. But how is it not funny!?' 

If you can’t function without offending someone else, you got fucking issues. There is nothing I can, or honestly, want to do for you. 



what does it mean to fight misogyny & femmephobia as a person with disabilities when the party line is “femme/femininity isn’t frail/weak” but yr body sometimes is?  are fragility & weakness so inherently bad that they need to be recast & reclaimed as strengths instead of being recognized as an inevitable part of being alive/our experiences?  do i always have to be strong/what are we investing in strength/why are we investing so much in strength?  

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